Find information about a Swanland household

This lets you select a year and find details about households in the census for the year.

Select a year from the list. This will display all the households in the census for that year. Click on 'show' for a household to see all the members of that household. You can see details for each person in the household by clicking 'show' for that person.

The details here are as shown on the census record, the exception being the birth year which is calculated. One person is always designated as the head of the household and the relationship with that person is sometimes shown. Details for each person vary for each year, usually there is more detail in later years. The comments field adds extra information where we have it. We don't display headings for information left blank on the census. A few households have an address field, that is shown if it is present. Most house addresses were simply 'Swanland'.

The original census records are hard to read and there may well be errors made reading them. If you spot an error please let us know. If there is a transcription error we will correct it but if the error is in the original census record we will add a comment.